A downloadable game

Stick Together is a fun-filled couch co-op game that gives each player control over a single limb of your character. Use your limb to grab on to nearby walls and work together to drag your character to the finish line. Stick Together has many challenging levels to test your technique and teamwork.

Play with your mobile device!

Don't have 4 gamepads laying around? No problem! You can use any smart phone or tablet with a modern web browser as a controller! Use any mix of gamepads and mobile devices to let everyone in on the fun.

Play the demo!

A Stick Together demo is available to play right now at http://dggr.io/demos/stick-together

Play through 7 levels that provide a small taste of the full game!

In Development

Stick Together is still in development, but regular updates will be provided which will include new levels and features.